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Software – The Innovative Part of a Computer System

Computer software is defined as a set of programs and procedures, to perform an ordained task. Computer Software is further divided into two major categories; system software and application software.

software1Application software: These set of instructions make use of the capacities of a computer directly to accomplish a particular task. Capable of manipulating text, numbers and graphics, it can be in the form of instructions focused on a single task such as word processing, spreadsheets or even playing audio and video files. Thus, application software caters to the varying needs of professionals in different spheres across the globe matching their specific needs.

This application software makes its presence felt majorly catering to commercial purposes. While the scope of this category is rather large, gaming forms the widely used application software in the modern day.

The following are the different application software aimed at different purposes

1. Educational Software: Innovative attempts in the field of education brought about mechanization of the evaluation process of students. Application software aimed at conducting tests and tracking the progress of students are in vogue. Not only that, tools like dictionaries, mathematical software and others like NASA World Wind are some of the prominent uses of educational software.

2. Industrial application software: Engineering and development of products is the prime aim of industrial application software. Here software plays an important role in designing and developing hardware and software products.

3. Software in the field of Medicine: Specialty software developed for medical purposes for maintaining electronic health records, medical billing, patient scheduling software and medical accounting. Various specialties in the field of medicine have their corresponding application software for their varied needs. Simulation software is also a widely employed medical application.

4. Business Applications: Word processing application software like MS Word, WordPad, and Notepad are some of the text editors used for business as well as domestic purposes. Additionally spreadsheet software like Excel and Lotus 1-23 allow business users to perform calculations on spreadsheets, replacing paper worksheets for voluminous calculations. These are also termed as office suites, since they are used by knowledge workers.

Presentation Software too comes handy for business professionals to display information in the form of slide shows. MS PowerPoint is the widely used application software for making business presentations to an audience.

5. Gaming Software: Gaming tools are specialized application software developed for gaming buffs to derive pleasure out of video games, arcade games, console games, mobile games and PC games.

6. Media Content Development Software: Content access software is majorly used to access content without editing. However there are instances where some may include software that allows for content editing. Such software suits the dual needs of individuals to use digital entertainment and published digital content. Media Players, Web browsers and help browsers are some of the examples.

software2Business software applications which are expensive should be purchased with utmost prudence, in line with the needs of the employees to the basic features of the software. Going overboard will mean waste of capital investing in software which will never be used.