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Flip Phone Making a Comeback

The Smartphone is something that is ubiquitous with the term phone today and they are assumed to be part and parcel of the same thing. However, smartphones are for a large class of cases beginning to lose their appeal in every case. Apple which is considered the king of the smart phone and really got the ball rolling a few years ago is now facing an upswing in flip phones. I’m not kidding this is actually happening in the market today.

Clearly, the market appears to be the next big question as to why this is occurring. There was a lot to love about your flip phone, I remember my first Razor phone and though how can it get any more high tech than this. There was a lot of love surrounding flip pones not doubt, but as we see in the fluid nature of the market all things change. Palm and RIM (now BlackBerry) took over the market from Motorola, and Apple went on to take the Market from Palm and BlackBerry, only to face its largely successful attack by Google.

Apple changed the game with the iPhone and no one will deny that claim. But as things got more and more technologically advanced so to did they become more expensive and the cost of having a phone went from having something that made calls, a fairly inexpensive ordeal to a ground breaking portable computer that has near constant WiFi connectivity. Which is not an easy or cheap pill to swallow. Not to mention the battery life for a smartphone is crap. I can plug in my iPhone 6s and go on the web for about a half hour, after that time its probably a quarter depleted. My old flip phones you could leave for days or weeks without charging and you were fine.

The flip phone also had many advantages such as it was smaller and more portable, it was far easier to put in your pocket or hold with you shoulder. It was also more robust and safe from damage given that it was protected by its defining characteristic, the flip.

Today people are beginning to consider where they can save money and equally as important time. One of the major drains of non essential spending we experience is though our cell phone and their data plans. Not to mention if you are in the smartphone trap you almost feel obligated to re-up and get the newest phone every 6 months which cost hundreds of dollars per go. 

In terms of time it is all to easy to open up the Facebook app or one of those dumb bubble pop games when you’re on the train on your way to work. Once you arrive at work you go right from that screen to your work computer, then its back onto the cell phone in between work and the commute home. We are trapped in a constant state of checking and rechecking our status on the web or click bait. Perhaps the rise of the flip phone may not be a step forward, for tech but it may very well be a step in the right direction for America.

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