Drones for Safety

No matter what time or on what network you turn into for your news there is an inevitable news thread that you are always going to see without fail. It usually goes something like this ‘such and such drone, inflicted, such and such, damage against such and such people. The bottom line is that there is always the reality that is going around is that the fact that drones are one in the same with death and breaking of lots of things in the world today. I know it you know it, the American people know it and its a reality that is that unless things are different that will be the legacy of an otherwise amazing technology.

drone2The reality is that as is the case with all new technology in the United States is that it comes through the military and if there is an amazing technology you can imagine that it had a military application prior to its civilian one. Today we are fortunate enough to bare witness to something in this regard that is coming primary as the result of a military application but in actuality is going to have the ability to actually save many lives, while not being able to inflict any damage against lives. Sounds a little to good to be a drone, broad horizon ahead that is coming on the wings of angels in drone form.

The way it is done is that the military acknowledged the reality that there are over 10 million submerged line mines in the crust of the earth just waiting to inflict damage against a civilian years after a conflict took place in the region. So every year there are hundreds if not thousands of people who fall victim to this reality every year and sadly lose their lives or are badly injured as a result of their interaction with the affected region. So what are we to do, because there has been up until now a catch 22 that was presented to anyone who wanted to remove these because they posed a threat to human lives no doubt, however in order to remove them you had to do so with the careful and close interaction with human lives. So what the drones of tomorrow are going to do is nothing short of a miracle. The way they work is pretty remarkable.

drone 3First, they determine what area is most likely to be affected by past armed conflicts and thus likely to have the presence of land mines. Next it runs a sensor array which sweeps the area and detects through metal detection where the presence of land mines are. Next what it does is it allows the drone to place a tennis ball sized explosive over the region and them blammy, its bye bye Mr.Landmine.

This is already having a huge impact on what it has already done and is only going to continue to save lives. The initial history of the drone story may be marred with violence and destruction, but hopefully this new tech can be the healing first step towards allowing for a more peaceful and prosperous world with this great innovation.